I may be late to the Neil deGrasse Tyson party, but I’m more than making up for it in enthusiasm. I was definitely excited to see him on the cover of this month’s Alcalde, the UT alumni magazine. You can read the article about him here, which includes his experiences with racism at The University of Texas and within the field of astrophysics.

Of course, the article mentions Carl Sagan, and there could not be a better person to pick up Sagan’s mantle and show us how cool science and the universe are. I don’t have remorse or regret for my decision to study humanities and the arts in college - and I certainly still love those fields and will defend them passionately - but more and more, I wish I hadn’t abandoned my early enthusiasm for science, particularly paleontology, geology, and biology. All my life I’ve had some mental blocks with math, and sometime around in high school I gave up trying to overcome that obstacle and thus, gave up on studying science. Maybe it’s time to audit some courses?

Welcome to the Neil deGrasse Tyson party! Space Chronicles should get you up to speed. Also, seriously people, check out Tyson on the cover of the UT alumni magazine. The man is unimpeachable.

The ‘unimpeachable’ NGT talked about Space Chronicles earlier this month. Check it out.

(And, for the record, this is what a Neil deGrasse Tyson party looks like.)


Why isn’t this a promo picture from a 70’s action television show about three super friends with Ph.D.s who fight international criminals using only the power of Science? They could have named the show Science Squad or The Science Squad or Bad Ass Super Friends of Science!

Missed opportunities: this picture represents them.

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    world’s sexiest astrophysicist. also, one of the world’s most awesome people all around.
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